You must have come across various marketing advertising and hoardings that say, you can watch television for free just by using a TV antenna. This has somehow convinced you to purchase a TV antenna. But maybe you are still doubting whether these ads are speaking the truth or just hoax. The cable companies are convincing the people that if you need to watch television then you have to pay for it. But this is a lie.

The good news is that, it is very much legal to make use of an HD TV antenna and watch free channels. Though you may not receive all of the channels as the case with cable. But there are various local channels that offer similar content absolutely free of cost.

The OTA signals are all around us in the air even though we cannot see them. But thanks to the local broadcasting tower, they are passing through the air and being picked by the HD antennas. Earlier, the only way to watch television was through those rabbit ear antenna sticking out from the TV. Gradually, the antenna underwent a lot of transformation. Today there are flat HD antennas which can be easily stuck on the wall or near the window for enjoying free TV.

The local broadcasting stations make use of the broadcast towers so as to allow us to watch news, sports, weather and many more. There are certain major television network providers such as ABC, CW, PBS, Fox and others that are spread across the country. With these channels, you can watch most of your favourite channels.

You can also receive HD channels if the signals that are sent from the broadcasting are in HD format. Otherwise also, you receive an uncompressed picture quality as opposed to the one youwould receive through cable companies. But note that HD antenna, does not provide access to premium channels such as HBO or Showbiz. You may need to get access to these channels separately by paying a monthly rental.

With an HD TV antenna, you can receive 12 to 50 channels. There are various factors that determine the number of channels you can watch through the antenna. Few of those include, the current setup of the antenna, its positioning, how far it is from the broadcasting station, if there are any obstacles in between the antenna and the tower.

Hence there is a need to properly evaluate all the factors and then go for the right choice of antenna. The HD antenna is absolutely legal and there are no repercussions of purchasing one. You can visit websites such as or to research on the exact type of antenna that would be suitable for your area. Based on the results, it would become easier to select the right model of antenna.

So, think no further. This is the right time to get a TV antenna if you do not have one already. Cut the cord and go in for free channels with the varied TV antennas.