Rise in cable or satellite charges has led to a lot of frustration in the minds of the viewers. This has led to an increase in the number of people cutting the cord and going for other alternatives of entertainment. By purchasing an indoor TV antenna, you surely would be saving a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on cable bill.

Cable companies are stealing your hard-earned money:

The cable companies are running in monopoly.  Most of the cable companies try to lock their customers in heft contracts wherein they would need to spend more money than necessary. Also if you plan to cancel in the middle of the contract then you may need to pay a hefty penalty or termination cost. Most of the times, these charges are very high.

However, switching to an indoor TV antenna would help you save a lot of money and at the same time also avoid all those unnecessary charges. When you pay the cable bill, there are a lot of hidden charge which the consumers are not aware about.

  • Deduction for cable box
  • Regulatory recovery fees
  • Rights of way to use fees
  •  Broadcast TV fees
  • Communication sales Tax
  • Regional Sports Fee
  • FCC Regulatory fees.

All of these charges are a bit too much to pay for. Every year the bill prices are jumping by 3 to 4% leading to a lot of chaos.

But if you simply look to install an indoor TV antenna, all of these charges are gone. You no longer need to pay these fees. You only need to pay the cost of purchasing the antenna. But note that the antenna has its own pros and cons. Hence do not expect your antenna to provide you with 100 plus channels absolutely free of cost.

With an indoor TV antenna, you can receive all the local channels, 12 to 50 channels etc. Few of the major broadcasting channels that you would receive include, PBS, CW, ABC, PBC and so on. An indoor antenna is mostly recommended for those who reside near a broadcasting tower. You can place the antenna high on the wall or near the window so that it can pick up the signals easily.

Also when it comes to purchasing the antenna, you need to carry out basic research work. Check on sites such as antennaweb.org or TVFool.com wherein by mentioning your area code, it can provide details of the type of antenna to select. This makes your work even easier. Indoor antennas are quite cheap and affordable. Also their installation is quick and easy. Within 5 minutes of setting up the antenna, you are good to go ahead and carry out channel scan.

Note that you would not receive premium channels with an indoor antenna.
However, if you prefer to watch other channels apart from the ones receive
through antenna then you can pick up any good subscription of online streaming
services. There are also different online methods to watch
free stations that would also allow to increase your benefit of cord cutting
without the need to spend another dime.