The nature of the cable TV industry is turning out to be predatory. The monthly bill just keeps on rising and the consumer is left with no choice but to pay those bills. This has led to a lot of viewers in taking a strict action of cutting the cord. But many of them still have doubts on whether they would be allowed to watch their favourite channels. Also how many channels can one receive through TV antenna installation?

By now, you must have realized that TV antennas are very much legitimate and there is no doubt on the benefits that come along with it. But when it comes to the question of how many channels can one receive through TV antennas. Then the answer depends on various factors. Some can receive dozens of channels whereas some can receive more than 50 channels.

Every TV antenna company would have a different claim when it comes to the number of channels that would be received by the viewer. However, this is something that is dependent on multiple factors. Few of those factors include,

  • Positioning of the antenna
  • Distance from the broadcasting tower
  • Obstructions such as buildings, trees or any other

Remember that antennas are similar to satellite television wherein it can face disruption. This in turn can lead to degrading of the signal quality. Hence, the above factors should be first taken care of while installing the antenna. Once these are fixed, you can scan for the channels. You would be amazed at the quantity of channels received and also their picture quality.

Since every broadcasting tower has different programming to offer its viewers. Hence it is impossible to provide a fixed number of channels. Some can receive just dozen of channels whereas some more than 40 channels. Those who receive more number of channels are often the ones who reside in between different broadcasting station. They can also receive additional regional channel which otherwise not everyone can receive.

Few of the major broadcasting network that you can view through TV antenna are, Fox, PBS, CW, ABC, ION etc. The type of antenna that you pick up, whether a long range one or a shorter range one can also decide the number of channels you may receive.

There are certain TV antenna companies which are claiming to provide 90 out of 100 channels. The only issue that we see in this particular statement is that, the programming may change depending on the location. So it would be wrong to expect 90 channels from your TV antenna. In general, you can expect to receive the follow number of channels.

  • All the local channels available in your area
  • More than dozen channels
  • Channels available in High-Definition
  • ABC, CW, Fox and NBC
  • Sub channels

Note that premium channels are not available through TV antenna. Even when the company claims to provide so, you won’t be able to receive them. To view premium channels, there are separate subscription charges to be paid.

Just to wrap up, with a TV antenna you can be assured to receive 12 to 50 channels on an average. All of these are absolutely free of cost.